Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Summer Plans!

Ok, so I have now entered the wonderful stage of SUMMER...meaning finding a job and trying extremely hard not to spend all of the money I earn from it. Horray.
One of the best things about this Summer though is that I'm currently helping out cutting out fabrics for costumes for the Hillingdon Dance Theatre Company (the name of which I've probably just gotten wrong) for my friend Lucy and her Mum. Tons of fun, lots of work to get done for a show in a week's time! Hopefully I can get some photos taken of the work I've done, and I'll get a reference by the end of it! Sorted!

In other news, here's Ben Kenobi. (Here for no reason other than this image of him looks a bit like my dad).

I've been on a Star Wars rave recently...especially after watching the newer trilogy I have decided to at some point attempt to replicate one of the costumes. To push myself, maybe try an Amadala/Padme costume. Who knows. Maybe Summer will be a push to make cosplay outfits. I had planned to make the three good fairies/Maleficent costumes from Sleeping Beauty for October, and while money and time issues put me off I'm considering attempting it once more...that or just making the one costume for myself!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Expo Overview

Ok, so Expo was pretty damn awesome. Sure, it's gotten pretty repetative after six years of going, but it's worth it to meet and greet - especially if it's people yo haven't seen for a while.
There may not have been that many costumes that I found absolutly amazing, but the ones I did find were pretty awesome, and I'm sure can be used to stir up an idea or two! The Steampunkness was pretty much the highlight costume-wise for me.