Monday, 31 January 2011

More ideas (and mis-ideas) for the future!

...and so I come crawling rather slowly towards the end of Candide. Two weeks to go to until the second fitting (top fabric, huzzah!) and a further two weeks to the dreaded hand-in...well, it's time to make typed promises to make more STUFF. I'm sure this time I should be able to keep to these plans, or I'll give whoever permission to break all of my fingers...or something horrible like that.

First things first, my Self Directed Project! (Huzzah for University!).

What I hope to achieve in SDP is to broaden the skills that I will be needing and using in whatever area of work I will be throwing myself into. There are a couple of options of working under a couple of companies that sound interesting - one making shirts, chemises and whatnot for the hiring department at the National Theatre, another making an entire suit for another production company. I'll probably use these as backup ideas, as I'd really like to make a corset.

The Trapeze by Erte

Thanks to my parents for buying me an Erte calender for Chrimbo. This image really stuck out for me, and reminded me of one of my original inspirations for costume - Burlesque. This would be a perfect oppurtunity to sharpen my corsetry skills and to even have a go at hand embroidery or beading for a more impressive look.
With a tutorial on Wednesday to look forward to I guess it's time to hit the books!

Here ends anything that my tutors may need to read!

A couple of smaller projects are slowly looming for me as well. First up is a friend's 21st birthday with a set theme of general 'Fancy Dress'. With an earlier thought of '1920s' I lept on the chance to hopefully make an outfit from Tracy J. Butler's wonderful Lackadaisy. Being a fan from a while ago I'd fallen in love with her character Ivy so what better chance to make myself into Ivy! Time to dig out Janet Arnold.
Next up will be a fight between making a costume for Jessie from Toy Story for London Expo and an 18th Century Polonaise costume for my own 21st. Hmm...those will probablt run alongside one another. Here's hoping they'll both be successful!

So onwards I will roll. I raise my invisable glass to more making! But for now, back to The Subtle Knife.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Term - Candide!

Here's the start of a new term and a new project - Candide! It's wonderful to get back into the realm of making, especially since I got round to doing NONE of my 'to do' list! Shame on me.
Unfortunatly it was a bit of a scramble to get our designs. Luckily it was about a half-and-half split on which gender we got as the majority wanted to do the opposite to what they did last year, but due to my politeness and inability to speak up I got stuck with the plainest and simplest design - Cunégonde as an old woman.
While it's all very easy to be immature and sulk about it, I've kicked myself and gotten myself to man up - with a simple design like this I will at least make the entire outfit rather than hiring pieces out, and I will have to force myself to perfect the costume and any small details on it.

Old Cunégonde by Johanna Muessig

Considering she's an old woman this will hopefully allow lots of breaking down, considering she becomes a slave later in the story - hopefully this will give a bit more practicality to a character who just seems a bit rich and a tad spoilt.
Well, good luck to me!