Sunday, 31 October 2010

New Year...and Expo?

First things first, here's to starting second year! (Cheers!).
Second year is BRILLIANT. Wonderful. Awesome. You get the picture. Shooting straight in with corset making (18th Century, one) and tailoring (waistcoat, one). I can at least say that my path towards a job is steadily starting to narrow, which is actually a good thing!
Walking towards more good things, I've had my second lot of work experience! Alterations for Atma Dance...sure, there was alot of unpicking and an impossible lean towards bias binding, but it was a long worth-while process! (Plus I got a new contact out of it...huzzah!).
...and Expo! Things went smoothly, considering I ditched my Alexiel cosplay at the last minute to go as Susan Sto-Helit from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. Whilst I have only watched the TV specials that Sky had to offer I have finally obtained the majority of the series (thanks, Dad, for not selling them!). As an almost tribute to not only a wonderful series but also my Father, I chose Susan. Thankfully, all I needed to do was stick on a corset, get a wig and borrow my sister's clothes!As much as I tried to avoid the Sky version of Susan in The Hogfather, it kinda helped I guess!
Bun- yes. Edwardian- possibly. Smug- ?! What the hell?! Do your skirt up!

Oh well, At least I tried! The highlights stood out more than May's Expo...but still, only a handful caught my eye.Yup, that's a Dalek!

World Of Warcrafters, if I'm not mistaken...
Warhammerers! I think I was most impressed by these guys.