Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Hooray, Self Directed! Hooray, Work Experience!

Wonderful news for me - my project for Self Directed is in, and I have been given a week of work experience!
First off is the Self Directed Project. Whilst I would have loved to do my Erte-esque project my tutor pointed out that this was something more suitable for third year. It makes sense to put off that project for now, especially since I have been given the project working for the National Theatre's hire company! Allow me to copy and paste my brief from my tutor's email:

Costume Makers x up to 10 students.

The National Theatre is commissioning the costume course to create a number of costumes pieces for their hire department in North London. This is an exciting opportunity to work for a number of costume makers. Undertaking this role you will work closely in a team with other makers to realise a number of garments for the National Theatre. This project will replicate workroom practice. A cutter from the National Theatre will draft the patterns and you will work as costume maker making the garments chosen by the costume designers and head of the hire department. An example of the garment to be made include Period shirts, Breeches, Victorian Blouses and 18th military Century Waistcoats. Each person will make approximately 4 garments each but this will be negotiated with your unit tutor.

All materials and patterns will be supplied by the client.

Such exciting stuff! I really need to make a little trip to see if I can have a mooch around the hire department either before or whilst I'm working on the project.

Next up...work experience! First a little story. Another of my tutors sent an email offering work experience on a big London production, not letting on which show it would be for. Working on a big London production? Yes please! Practically leaping for the oppurtunity I said yes, though poking forward my thoughts of my confidence in my sewing though I only considered them 'average', however this experience may boost my confidence and skill a bit further. Lo and behold, hearing back a week later I will now be doing a week of work experience at Les Miserables, coincidently my favourite musical!

Ok, so I haven't seen many musicals...but still, I had to scream and jump around my room before shrieking down the phone to several people. I think I need to get out more.

Both of these projects will offer me so much and will hopefully strengthen my skills as a costume maker. I have been slowly gearing towards working as a part of a show, theatre company or costume department, so the combination of these two at least compliment my dreams for the future! Hold on tight!