Thursday, 27 May 2010

Preperations! doublet was magically chosen for the Ballroom of Illusions! 'How', I do not know - I'd prefer to guess that the colour and size fitted the new actor better than any of the other choices...
Either way, I gave myself two days to do any alterations and rather happily gave in my work's just prop making to go until the big show!!
With London Expo looming in a couple of days, I've set myself the target of finding some amazing cosplays to inspire myself!! (Insert determination sparks here). Watch this space!!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Chancer's Project (apologies for crappy quality images!)

I got roped into a little design project recently - to design the clothing and general look of the 'riot-police' for Sophie. The first rule was 'smart, but not suits'. After putting together three initial ideas (see below), the next step was a thought of 'we like the idea of riot police and the armor', and so the image above was created! I tried to create three very different images and styles for each design, which made it more interesting when it came to combining the ideas. Designing is fun...I must do me some more! A very Military design. The little doodle in the corner desribes my reasoning for it! Looking at a more anonymous design, also a more natural intimidation though the hood. Again, using the anonymous look, leaning more towards a 'gang' look, introducing the use of 'cyber punk' armour. (Favourite part? The spiked wheel boots! I was looking at a way for them to use claws to get about, rather than flat feet.)

Bonjour! Part 2

So I guess a bit more of an introduction is necessary. Questions, questions, questions!

WTF is with the Blog title?

It comes from the song 'Dogfight' by MOVE. My lyrics in English are 'If there's just a moment to shine, I don't care'. Freedom. Taking every chance you can. Success. Inspirational for me at least!

Costume, huh? Uh, why?

The funny thing is, I always saw mysef as a graphics or photography person. I did 'Digital' Art from year 10 onwards as I sure as hell couldn't paint or draw well. The only link to costume that I can just about muster at this time is cosplay - since I was 13 I'd piece together costumes for various characters from video games and Janapese anime, only making the smallest items of clothing myself, the rest sources from charity shops and my sister!
It was during Sixth Form that I first encountered using textiles in work. Whatever her name was, I must be grateful for the textile artist that visited, showing how she created textile installations. After enjoying the small workshop she offered I thought to myself 'do I really want to be stuck playing on photoshop for the rest of my life?' To open up more oppurtunities for myself I chose to do a Foundation course in Bournemouth - the best move I could ever make.
In that year I moved completly to the opposite scale of Art and Design. I took a textile pathway halfway through the year, and descovered the costume degree. Not wanting to be restricted by the Fashion course, I joined the legion of Costume...and I'm loving it!
...the only sad part is that I had to choose between making and designing. Better marks and more to learn in making? Yes please.

Is that it?

...not really. I originally was inspired to design and make clothing in an alternative image (unfortunatly much like my own personal taste of clothing). I was spurred on by the costumes used by styles like Steampunk, Burlesque, the amazing works of Antiseptic Fashion and (most prominently) various music videos:

IAMX - President
Christina Aguilera - Fighter
My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade
Marilyn Manson - The Nobodies
Marilyn Manson - mOBSCENE
P!nk - Funhouse

To me all of these examples aren't really a case of bizarre fashion - arguably they can be seen as performance, or costume if you will! I wanted to create something like these examples - something special. While I've pretty much branded myself a maker, hopefully I can still allow myself to experiment more!

Aaaand that's it. Apologies for the essay. Any more questions?

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


So after a long, long night of constant working (besides the odd deserved break) I finished my doublet! Time to copy and paste from my DA...

My final project for my first year was based around Poe's 'Mask Of The Red Death'. We split into several groups - gender, year (ranging from 1450-1650) and colour, and had to create a 'modern' representation of the design to be possibly worn for the final costume show - The Ballroom Of Illusions. I was given male, 1550's, blue. The overall look was supposed to be 'rocker'/general hardened male type, but I wanted to add a bit more sophistication - the design was originally based for the character of Prince Prospero, so this fitted perfectly.
I can pick out a million things that are probably wrong with this doublet, but hey it's my first attempt at making a proper costume piece from scratch!

*ahem* This was also a fine opportunity to commission the amazing Chan to create the narrative shown on the back of my doublet...amazing, no?

Monday, 17 May 2010


I'd like to tell myself that making this blog right-at-this-moment is incredibly important, however that would be a lie; this is, of course, a way to waste time before my costume deadline in, oh, 7 and a half hours? I will spend this tiny little break to greet whoever happens to come across this tiny blog of costume nonsense, and will introduce myself:

My name is Rebecca, though on a blog that only I will be writing in I felt that 'Moi' would suffice. Childish? Maybe. I digress. I am currently working towards the final stages of my first year of 'Costume And Set Design For Performance' or something along those lines (ie. procastinating finishing my work before hand-in).
I will be using this blog to record the work I have completed, as well as making a note of anything that I find inspiring...oh, and I shall also be using this as an excuse to pretty much talk to myself - it feels alot easier writing all of this rubbish if you trick yourself into believing that someone will actually read it...

...but who knows! Maybe I'll be lucky, I'm sure someone will stumble across this and ask 'what in the blazes is she on about?!'
Or something along those lines.

I shall now excuse myself - hook and eyes don't sew themselves, you know.