Saturday, 27 November 2010

A Little To-Do List...

This is more of a physical notating of what I aim to at least start over Christmas, but it's always good to let others know of your plans as it helps speed you along if you drop behind!

Another Expo is creeping up on me already, though I'd say it's a good thing considering it's not for me! Goal number one is to start a Blood Dupre costume from 'Alice In The Country Of Hearts' for a friend for May. As far as I'm aware it's just the coat and waistcoat I need to take care of, and considering I'm just finishing a waistcoat in tailoring it's a perfect excuse to practise!

Goal number two...make myself a corset! This is probably down to the fact that the corset I'm currently making will go to the costume store at Uni so I'm sure I deserve my own one! The tough part will be choosing the material - green leather or silver fleur-de-lis?

Number three? At least consider making a sack-back dress. Once again for myself. I have plans~~~...

Anything beyond is probably a bonus. I know my Dad and sister's boyfriend both want waistcoats made for them too - more work, more practise...horray!