Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A Summary. Enjoy.

Well...what an eventful Summer it's been...yet I feel as though I've accomplished so little! My plan to do lots of sewing has shrunk to two projects (somewhat overtaken by my other plan to get a job, resulting in me working 4/5 days or nights a week where - frankly - all I want to do after working on a bar for at least 5 hours is sit with a glass of wine or something slightly stronger!). My goal to buy various books to aid my course was taken over by saving up to go to Prague in July (£500 should cover it), and on top of it I got no week of a crazy road trip with the boyfriend...I'm rubbish at sticking to plans!
As for the two sewing projects, at least my completed one was successful! I'm one dress up in my wardrobe now, and while I recieved more than enough help whilst making it, it was nice to have a reminder on how to do things properly (yes, I probably HAVE forgotten a considerable amount over summer, whoops!).

Next up is a more miniature project for London Expo, another dress but this time a bit more of a simple make. As much as I'd love to make an underbust corset from scratch, I'll just make do with covering the one I already own and pulling together some straps and whatnot. Hey, I already own the PVC gloves and stockings, and with a pair of boots I'm almost be halfway!
...don't talk to me about the wings though, I'll cry over those later!

Angel Sanctary's Alexiel...eep!

Summer is almost up, back to Uni in two weeks! Happy times!