Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A year and a bit, time for an update!

So, it has been well over a year since I have last visited this blog, and I've certainly had a thing or two on the go! Since graduating I've worked for BSP Wardrobe Hire by making and altering costumes for stock and for Bournemouth Shakespeare Players' production of A Comedy Of Errors, working as a costume assistant and dresser for a couple of films and theatre productions, pulling costumes for a student film set in the Napoleonic War - The Regiment - and taking the role of Head of Wardrobe for Wholehog Theatre and their London productions of Princess Mononoke.

So what is coming up this year? Another big gap until the next blog post? Hopefully not! I have one or two makes from Tomoko Nakamichi's Pattern Magic to have a play with, a few corset designs I would like to get to paper and to physical form, and I also plan to make a cosplay of The Red Cloak from thatgamecompany's with LEDs and maybe trying to hook up some kind of speaker and make some of the chirp noises!


 The cast of A Comedy Of Errors, July 2012.
 Fairy Rose, from Argosy Players' Beauty and the Beast panto in February 2013. I constructed the costume after the various pieces were dyed by the costume designer Lucy Bell.
Despite it's pink-ness I very much wanted my own Fairy Rose skirt!

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