Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Steamy Affair...

Wonderful, another long-awaited post.

This is of course about my final project at University. I mentioned before how I was planning on making two Steampunk costumes, which is exactly what I did! One male and one female, designed to work as a pair with linking colour schemes.

The waistcoat was a big challenge for me, as I was attempting to adapt tailoring techniques to a dress-making method...all with leather!


Screen-printing detail in the lining. The male owns a prestegious rail company called 'Her Majesty's Silver Service'.

...a special cameo appearance by Lucius Malfoy's cane!

Yet more fun with leather! I had originally wanted to try and keep the eel-skin leather as a whole piece rather than attempting to sew them as separate panels. I was glad I was convinced to do otherwise.

The skirt has a detatchable organza bustle, and also rouches up optionally.

 As difficult as it was to work with I think I have fallen in love with leather, especially with the waistcoat - it's a look that one wouldn't necessarily expect! I really want to explore corsetry further, I can expect to be making myself at least one in in the next month...just in time for graduation!

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