Monday, 12 December 2011

Bustle Dress and The Future...

So recently I finished my Specialist Practise unit, my first project of my final year of Costume-etc-etc. As mentioned in a previous post I was making a Victorian Bustle Dress for the University's Costume Store. I was given the character of Lady Bracknell from Wilde's 'The Importance Of Being Earnest' and was let loose! It was nice to once again not have to pay for materials, but I'm sure that's to act as a nice big reminder on how much we'll probably spend on EMP.
I really enjoyed draping on the stand once gave me a bit of a confidence boost from my flop in a previous project. This project acted much as a boot up the backside - whilst I felt a tad cocky when it came down to timescale I found that I was cutting it close to the deadline after 9 weeks of work.
As I didn't have any time to take proper photos of the costume I plan to grab my model in the new year for a quick photoshoot, she's looking forward to wearing the completed version!

On to EMP...I have the rather cunning plan of making two Steampunk costumes! It is a genre I have slowly been creeping towards, attracted to the period, the aesthetics and the mechanics that Steampunk is solidly stapled to, and I thought that EMP would be the perfect excuse to do 1- something I've designed myself, and 2- costumes that compliment and co-ordinate with one another. At London Expo this October I managed to talk to the likes of Miss Ladybird, Herr Doktor, Vincent Shaw-Morton and so many other wonderful Speampunkers to get an insight into this world. I felt so welcome by each individual I spoke to! I seems that the Steampunk world is very character and plot driven - each person had either a character that they had created or even used themselves and placed that individual within the genre, be it a Tea Purveyor, a Mercenary or a Fairy Collector.
Over the Christmas period I want to work on the story behind my two characters and develop their personalities before I begin the final steps towards an ultimate design. The costumes will be for myself and my boyfriend, allowing a larger chance for varying costumes.
Watch this space!

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